SRA Bristol Training Day

On Wednesday 20th February the SRA held a regional training day organised by Richard Queree and Stu Manton, with help from the team at Burst Radio in Bristol. Below is how it all panned out.

  1. Sean's already spotted his prey "Blondie in the front row looks tasty" - he just said. Seriously; run. #SRABristolTraining
  2. The first session of the day was from the team at BBC College of Production. They bought along Maggie Ayre, James Cook and John Byrne, all local producers or editors with the BBC. 
  3. Joining Paul Buller from @BBCCoP is John Byrne, Maggie Ayre and James Cook. Check them out at /acSRABristolTrainingduction #SRABristolTraining
  4. BBC's James Cook on 'how you feed your own creativity?' "People you meet are a great resource" #SRABristolTraining
  5. BBC's John Byrne: "in radio you are much more likely to realise your entire idea" #SRABristolTraining
  6. Then we had some tea and biscuits! 
  7. Rumour has it that #PervySean has stoken a whole tray of biscuits as an elaborate ploy to lure in women! #SRABristolTraining
  8. After the brief break we had a session from Global Radio's Nick Piggott who spoke to us all about Radio Futurology. 
  9. Nick was even brilliant enough to share his slides with us, you can download them from the tweet below. 
  10. To @richietheg @stumanton and everyone at #SRABristolTraining today - great audience & questions - here's my pres om/file/d/0B5ehhMUeFIL8YXFrRjBiaGZPdjA/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Then after Nick we welcome former URN Station Editor, Robin Murphy who gave us his top 10 tips. Things that he had to learn the hard way. 
  12. Robin Murphy has just delivered one of the best talks of the day! The man has knowledge. #SRABristolTraining
  13. Just learnt why URN dominate student radio awards every year #SRABristolTraining
  14. After Robin, and keeping with the theme of "how you can improve your station" we welcomed Dave Cribb and Fun Kids' weekend breakfast presenter Sean Thorne. 
  15. They listened to a couple of shows from Burst Radio, then gave some suggestions in how you can benefit from creating a better structure for your show. (The analogy they used was: "If you throw a load of flour, sugar and egg at a wall it doesn't make a cake!")
  16. In stitches at @davecribb and @seanAthorne in Bristol. I will try and avoid throwing cake ingredients at walls! #SRABristolTraining
  17. After Dave and Sean we had a brief chat from Sponsorcraft's Dunan Knox. 
  18. And that finished off the training day. In tiding up we found some lovely mittens, (which still haven't been claimed)...
  19. Then we went to 'Spoons for some dinner and drinks! 
  20. Successful #SRABristolTraining I'd say. That might be just as much the weatherspoons after to be fair.
  21. Great day at #SRABristolTraining and then at Spoons! Also missed my train, but think the one I'm on should get me home...
  22. Huge thankyou to Stu, Richard and Rob! 
  23. Big thanks to all who attended and spoke at #SRABristolTraining day earlier. Great and really constructive speakers