Media Responses to Delmar Blvd story

What people had to say about my story on St. Louis

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  1. First, the initial coverage on local websites:
  2. And the story went viral on social outlets:
  3. Several of our Facebook fans are posting this BBC story on our Facebook page. Thanks Asia Clayborne and Cindy Courtney McMurtrey for bringing the article to our attention. We want to know your thoughts. Do you see a dividing line in St. Louis? If yes, what and where? - Producer Meg
  4. Some wondered what could be done:
  5. And reactions continued on Facebook:
  6. I grew up on the poor side of Delmar Blvd. Very poignant experience to witness my neighborhood on video and contextualized as racially segregated and poor. Everytime I go back home, I see the images on this video and think in my head "how ugly, how lifeless, how sad" and never say a word about it. To do really fun stuff with my son, we have to go south of Delmar and down Kingshighway to go the Science Center, Forest Park, etc. For some reason, seeing this video made it all real to me, like breaking some heavy and thick silence. Please watch it for me.
  7. Just this week, St. Louis was voted as having the worst drivers in America. Now the BBC has a report about segregation. Delmar is a very unique area, but not always in a good way.
  8. When I share this reality with my Southern California friends, they are in somewhat disbelief. Here's the BBC on the subject.