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Leading Design conference 2016

A quick grouping of tweets in topics that are on my mind.


  1. The Need for Exec Sponsorship for Design to Succeed

  2. Design can only go so far on its own. Without senior exec sponsorship it is likely to go nowhere. It needs to be on execs agenda and you need to be able to speak their language to peak their interest.

    Same goes for making Design approachable for everybody else. It's important to get away from being the monks baking the same break year in and year out to perfection. Fun to watch, but noone wants to do it in their actual lives. Think "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" would you actually want to eat there?
  3. If Leaders don't have time or doesn't want to invest fund it is because other things are more important to them.
  4. Did changing managers do this?
  5. Creative / Experience Director vs VP of Design