How To Pack Up A Garage

No matter which way you try to swing it, moving is just really never a fun thing.


  1. Especially, when you're trying to pack up something like your garage. More than likely if you’re like everyone else in America, you probably have let your garage go. After all, unless you are Superman or Wonder Woman, who really has the time to keep a ridiculously organize garage? Granted, now that you're in the moving process you kind of wish you were more like Superman and Wonder Woman, but that's hindsight. So, now you just have to deal with what's before you and figure out the best way to pack up the chaos that is your garage. Thankfully, we’re here to help. In this article we will give you some tips and pointers on how you can make the process of packing your garage just a little bit easier.
  2. How to Pack a Garage
  3. First of all, you need to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to sort out and pack up your garage. So, this may be a good opportunity for you to clean out and get rid of things that have been wasting away on the shelves or floor for years. Therefore, make your garage a priority and plan well in advance the amount of time it will require of you to pack up your garage and all its content.

    Once your schedule is in place it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. The first thing you'll want to do once you're ready to start packing up your garage, is acquire all of the proper shipping supplies you will need in order to get the job done right. Seriously, you will fail at packing up your garage if you do not have the proper shipping supplies. We cannot stress this enough. So, make sure you are well armed with plenty of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper/newspaper, packing tape, zip ties, and colored markers to mark your boxes.
  4. After you have your shipping supplies in toll, now comes the fun part. Putting everything in boxes. Start by organizing things into sections. For instance, put sporting equipment with sporting equipment, gardening equipment with gardening equipment, and tools with tools. This will help keep you organized and make it far easier to unpack once you get to your new location. Plus, as you go through and organize your things into sections you can simultaneously start getting rid of the junk you no longer need.

    Once all of your things are sorted out, start placing them into the proper size boxes. Use your bubble wrap and newspapers to make sure that things are safe and secure. Then follow up by taping the boxes shut and clearly marking them with a marker of what's inside each box. You can even color coordinate your boxes by using colored markers so you know what type of item is in each box.

  5. On a side note, when it comes to things like garden tools or sharp edged tools, make sure that you either wrap them in bubble wrap or a blanket/towel. This will make sure that they arrive safely, as well as prevent them from damaging your items, as well as keep you safe during the moving process. The same goes for power tools. You'll want to make sure that you properly pack them safely and securely as so they won't get damaged. After all, power tools are expensive and aren't something you probably want to replace if you can avoid it.

    With all this being said, packing up your garage doesn't have to be a nightmare. It will just take proper time and planning in order to successfully and sanely pack up your garage with as little stress or drama as possible. Happy moving!