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  1. Every once in a great while, someone makes the sort of proposal that can never be outdone, bested or improved upon. This one will be king for some time to come. Trust us.
  2. EPIC proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the making
  3. Cat just wants to say 'hey,' Laughter ensues.
  4. Awesome illustrator improves real life with Aug(De)Mented reality. Whiteout + Sharpie + iPhone = Brilliance.
  5. Aug(De)Mented Reality
  6. Injured turtle gets 'fighter jet' upgrade after losing flippers.
  7. Israeli hi-tech aid for injured turtle: rare Green Turtle given new Israeli-engineered flipper
  8. "Mario always pays his debts... with dragon coins." Check out this brilliant "Game of Thrones"/Super Mario Brothers mash-up.
  9. Video Game of Thrones: Super Mario World
  10. Meet Kemosabe the porcupine. He loves papaya.
  11. Kemosabe and his Papaya - Unscripted
  12. Have you seen Robin Williams' Jack Nicholson impression? Or Bono'a impression of President Clinton? They're what your life's been missing.
  13. Nap time is the best time: now improved with baby animals.
  14. My Cute Duckling And Kitten Sleeping Together [ORIGINAL]
  15. 3D Bike course looks like a video game IRL.
  16. Fixed Perspective 3D Bike Course - Red Bull Ride + Style 2014 - TEASER
  17. "ALL ABOARD THE H.M.S. MAMA SWAN." Cygnets go for cutest ride of all time.
  18. Baby swan's (Cygnets) hitching a ride off mum (Part 1 of 2)
  19. Best. Birthday. Ever. Lamborghini crashes party with fleet of fire-breathing, Italian super cars.
  20. 7 Year Old Lamborghini Fan Gets a Birthday Surprise
  21. Bad Lip Reading takes down Twilight for the third time. Sources say this is different from the actual "Eclipse" movie.
  22. "TWILIGHT III" — A Bad Lip Reading of The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE
  23. Obviously, Santa has his elves. Well, it turns out that the Easter Bunny's helpers are well trained mice - and now you know.
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