Spring-Ford Area School Board workshop, 2-19-14

A quick meeting for the Spring-Ford Area School Board featuring a presentation by a group of teachers from Evans Elementary School and the revival of a bet which is coming up.


  1. Stokes is one of the two finalists for the empty Region II board seat who the board deadlocked on. Clinton Jackson was the other. He filed a petition Friday but didn't appear to be at Tuesday's meeting.
  2. The presentation demonstrated the techniques and focuses of Evans' teachers who teach art, physical education and music as well as the school's librarian.
  3. In case you didn't know, it's been snowing a lot lately.
  4. The district calendar has been modified, making April 16, 17 and 21 full days now. Originally, they were slated as off days. The district is also looking to try to make some "non-instructional days" count toward the 180 days necessary for public school students.
  5. Preliminary budget
  6. As it stands now, that budget could carry a tax increase between 5 and 6 percent. That number will almost assuredly come down, according to Spring-Ford Business Manager Tim Anspach.
    The board also approved filing for Act 1 Index exceptions that would allow them to raise taxes as high as 4.427 percent without going to referendum, if necessary.
  7. Property committee seemed to be the only one which met and had a resulting report of any real length due to the weather over the last month.
  8. Property committee notes