Phoenixville Boro Council Mtg, 7-8-14

Phoenixville borough council met and discussed the Firebird Festival as well as well as other topics while a storm ripped through and interrupted the meeting several times.


  1. Axten reportedly recognized and helped save his dad from a medical issue. Mayor Mike Speck honored him.
  2. A vote on updating the subdivision and land development ordinance was taken. Krack said it was the "third leg...of the stool" in process of updating the borough given the new comprehensive plan put into place and zoning updates they've undertaken.
  3. Council also decided whether or not to apply for another grant.
  4. Public hearings.
  5. The first replaced a section of the zoning ordinances.
  6. The next two ordinances involved amending existing ordinances.
  7. One, specifically, affected parking, a perennial Phoenixville issue.