Phoenixville Area School Board Workshop, 3-13-14

The Phoenixville Area School Board met Thursday night and discussed literacy efforts, potential changes to school lunch offerings and, of course, the Purple Perk, among other things.


  1. Here's the world language portion of her report.
  2. Eight languages were "accessed" as a part of the district's program to teach languages not currently offered by classroom teachers: Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portugese, Russian and Swedish.
  3. 18 students particpated in Rosetta Stone programs, according to Palubinsky.
  4. Finance committee
  5. The district employed Whitson's last year to run food services. The district was going to have to start a new contract for food services when they hired the company from New York.
  6. The people who were unsure is the district's administration and board members, just to clarify.