Phoenixville Area School Board meeting, 2-20-14

Phoenixville Area School Board met Thursday night to discuss signs, a high school cafe and listen to Barkley Elementary students perform a piece of their play.


  1. The boy in pajamas must have been John Darling.
  2. That's according to both district administration and Parkinson.
  3. That's "won't affect." Thanks autocorrect.
  4. Community Budget Advisory Committee member and district parent Lisa Longo said her daughter and AP students have concerns about shorter periods affecting whether they can get through the course in time. Fegley maintained that with the current schedule, most AP courses finish well before the year ends.
  5. Enrollment is a hot topic in the Phoenixville Area School District because it is the driving factor in the construction of the new early learning center and elementary school combined building, which the district wants to put on the current Meadow Brook Golf Club property.
  6. Here's a story on last year's projections.
  7. Part of that is likely tied to the addition of full-day kindergarten.
  8. "Moderate" was the highest projection shown. Unclear if there's an "extreme" projection.