Phoenixville Area School Board Meeting, 1-23-13

Properties were bought, contracts were ratified, friends were made. A quick Twitter guide to this week's meeting.


  1. The eminent domain acquisition of Meadow Brook Golf Club by Phoenixville Area School District remains a hot-button issue.
  2. Hohorst, a friend of the Brown/Campbell family and Meadow Brook club member, has spoken at every meeting since the Nov. 14 vote to use eminent domain. The district had a property in Schuylkill Township, at the corner of Rt. 29 and Pothouse Road, on the agenda to be purchased. It's near the Meadow Brook property. More on that later.
  3. Superintendent's report section of meeting
  4. Fegley said it was one of the best early acceptance reports he's seen.
  5. The district went to full-day kindergarten for the first time this year in an effort to gain back students who may have left the district otherwise to seek other programs. District would have to pay for those students' education.
  6. Several legal issues were discussed.
  7. One of those legal issues involved some construction issues from the beginning of construction on the middle school, now finished and well into use.
  8. Fegley, and Board President Josh Gould, who brought up potentially waiting on the vote, seemed to be referring to the failed attempt at building East Pikeland Elementary School roughly 10 years ago. which eventually led to a failed lawsuit.