Limerick Board of Supervisors Meeting, 3-20-14

In a meeting that started two hours earlier than usual, the township's supervisors approved a lot of "house-cleaning" ordinances and discussed an old favorite, sidewalks.


  1. This is a regular measure before some kind of a capital project. It's tied to the construction of the new public works building Limerick has been planning. Final approval for the plan was given earlier this month.
  2. Infrastructure, always a popular topic in Limerick, provided the most discussion in the meeting.
  3. The Lewis Road sidewalks would extend from the 400 block of North Lewis Road to Ridge Pike, according to township manager Dan Kerr.
  4. A settlement was also on the agenda for approval.
  5. In the last meeting, the township was all set to appoint a new code inspector but the candidate they decided on turned the job down shortly before the meeting.
  6. Recently, the way to reach the Limerick Police via phone got a facelift.