Limerick Board of Supervisors meeting, 2-5-14

The Limerick Board of Supervisors met Tuesday night to witness an FBI commendation for two police officers, discuss the township's open space, and say the word "sidewalk" a few times, among other municipal matters.


  1. By the way, the words "sidewalk" and "buffer" come up a lot in Limerick Township meetings because of the new master plan and a lot of development. So, I may or may not have come up with a game to imbibe to if you're comfortably at home and following my Tweets.
  2. You have to enjoy the little things.
  3. Speaking of development...
  4. It is Chrysler.
  5. The man's name is Peter M. Simone. He's helped with projects including the trails plan and Main Street zoning.
  6. Changing gears, Simone and Kerr also began discussing a potential master plan for the Linfield section of the township.
  7. The plan appears to be in its very first stages and likely won't be solidified for some time.
  8. In the meantime, the board discussed a project which would make it easier for kids to walk to school.