Playing with Kid to Build Connection and Emotional Intelligence


  1. Most of the parents would show their dislike about playing with their kids because it’s something which, according to their thinking, is silly. But what if someone tells you that playing with your kid can make your kid more cooperative? You will need to forget about your to-do list for more than 10 minutes on daily basis in this regard.
  2. The reason is that children always want to play with someone. While it may hard for them to find peers for playing, your role becomes even more important here. As a matter of fact, parents can actively contribute in nurturing good emotions and positivity in their kids only by playing with them. The reason is that you will be able to teach them well when you are playing with them. The rules of game and your actions to restrict your kid from doing something dangerous can make your kid a better person.
  3. Furthermore, children usually have to deal with a lot of things during the entire days. And hence, the feelings can be quite bigger for them to deal with. The humiliation and the emotional disturbance they face might not be big enough for us but those feelings can destroy the emotional status of kids. The best way to heal them is to play with them.
  4. The matter of fact is that playing with the kids can be advantageous for both the children and the parents. When you play with your kids, the activity actually lets the children to giggle and sweat, making the way out for the emotions which otherwise would find their way through tantrums. Secondly, you will be able to teach your kids some emotional lessons with the help of this playing. The lesson they would learn is surely they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, this playing effectively brings parents and their kids closer to each other.
  5. But, sometimes the parents may wonder how to start playing with their kids. Kids can have different types of moods. So, initiating well remains the mystery for a lot of parents. Below are some ideas in this regard.
  6. When your kid is annoying

  7. The annoying kid is the repulsive one. You cannot just invite your annoying kid to the play by asking. You have to do something to make him think about playing. For this purpose, you can hug your child for as long as you can. Don’t lose the grip until your child starts squirming. You can say, “I LOVE hugging you this way!”
  8. When your child is too excited

  9. When your child is too excited about playing, you have to keep it in mind that the play he may be interested in is going to be the intense one. So, find a place which is spacious and let your kid to run, spin and exert the energy he is having at the moment. Simply put, you can engage with your kid in a roughhousing session.
  10. When your kid struggles

  11. Sometimes, the kid may feel powerless. This feeling is what makes the kid struggling, leading the kid to develop negative emotions about the surrounding. Like always, playing with your kid can help him end this power struggle. You can become a monster who roars and challenges the kids. During play, you can let your kid over-power you. This way, you can help your kid to develop some confidence.
  12. Kids playing with parents!