Blogsquad livetweets "The Truth About Body-Safe" at Woodhull's #SFS17

We weren't sure what to expect from this session... but we were ready to tweet about it. Transcript here:


  1. ANNE: Erika, when we talk about toxic toys or toxic sex toys, what do you think about the way that we’re using that term?

    ERIKA:​ Overusing it, first of all. That’s definitely true. So toxic alone, the word doesn’t mean a heck of a lot. And I think that comes from the fact that it’s not enough information. ​And everything is toxic. Everything. Water is toxic.​ It’s not enough information on its own. What matters is the compound — for example, water — the organism that’s being affected, and the dosage that that organism is receiving. Without those two additional parts — you know, who is it affecting and the dosage — the word toxic means nothing.