800-961-1963-Apple ID: Reset a Forgot OS X Yosemite / Mavericks Password


  1. Forgetting a password is not a not a new thing. There are many account recovery options which are available on the internet. People are usually suggested to frequently change their passwords, and create a complex alphanumeric password for each service. This makes passwords hard to remember and crack too. You can use some secure ways to reset and recover a lost password on a Mac device. Among many, one of the best ways is to use an AppleID. It helps in resetting an OS X login password via using the Apple ID that is used for the App store, iCloud, iTunes, and Apple support. You can simply reset keychain password using Apple ID for your Mac OS X Yosemite password.
  2. Resetting a lost OS X password using an Apple ID:
  3. The method will only work if you have set an Apple ID with the OSX user account. Furthermore, the Mac system should have an internet access for using the feature.
  4. · After wrongly entering a user password three times at the Mac screen, a message will pop up saying ‘If you didn’t remember your password, then you can reset it by your Apple ID. You need to hit the arrow button to bring up a ‘reset password’ dialog conveniently.
    · You need to enter the Apple ID login information that is connected to the OS X user account and then click ‘reset password’.
    · Click ‘ok’ to verify the new keychain creation.
    · Then, enter and confirm a new password, fill out the password hint area, and then again click on ‘reset password’.
    · At last, click ‘continue log in’ to login as the user account.
  5. Mac will boot into the user account effortlessly with the help of a new password set. You can simply reset forgotMac OS X Yosemite password with the assistance of a certified Apple technical expert.
  6. Thus,if there is no Apple ID attached to the user account, then use the new user trick or password reset tool. And the more complicated methods from Mac OS X work well with each version of OS X. Though, the process is definitely a technical approach. It constantly works and doesn’t need an internet access.
  7. In case you are confronting a technical issue while resetting forgot OS X Yosemite password, you need to take the help of a third party technical support provider.
  8. Intelli Atlas is the IT company which is known for offering a reasonable Apple technical solutions to their customers. For having an appropriate idea of different IT support plans, you need to dial a toll-freephone number. With this, you will get connected to a right resource of a company and get all your tech concerns fixed.