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    8ea806a005 Al Michaels, Don Rickles, Chelsea Handler, Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz were all there at one point. No one thinks for even a moment that their i need you was platonic but we’re delusional with the exact same scene and set up that Dean saying it to Cas be something nonplatonic.
    Jared: That’s fair. Jensen was overwhelmed lol. Jensen: To be right here right now talking with you.Fav quotes? Jared: “What’s a Padalecki?” Or, “You married fake Ruby?” Jensen: Basically anything from “The French Mistake.” Jared: Family don’t end in blood is obviously an awesome one. I’m just one of many people pointing them out because they exist and are hard not to see. Jensen: Um, I don’t know.
    See this video which you’ll likely hate because parallels.I don’t make the parallels. That one is yours and you will come home with your shield or on it.
    So… we have a lot of photos we’re going to throw up at some point.It’s Dean and Cas and Dinah (Deanna?) and Castielle.
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