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    fb6239685f Episode 6Advertise Media Kit Contact The Mighty Boosh Wiki is a Fandom TV CommunityAppears in "The Power of the Crimp".[14] Almost complete copies of Howard and Vince, calling themselves The Flighty ZeusJohnny Two-Hats[edit]
    ^ Raphael, Amy (2007-10-21)Series 2Appears in "Tundra", an arctic explorer who found the Egg of Mantumbi before being frozen by Black Frost
    This character is a homage to Peter Sellers' Warrington Minge from his interview with Parkinson in 1974Appears in "Eels".[17] Lead singer of the Neon Needles, a pop star that Vince is attempting to tagA "Voodoo shaman" who transferred the blood of Howlin Jimmy Jefferson onto the record "Voodoo Scat"Neville[edit]
    N[edit]But the days of partying burned the fox out as he ends up on the streets homeless, begging for cheese in DalstonAppears in "The Legend of Old Gregg".[10] Colin is the barman at the local pub owned by JeffThey appear to be led by a mutant with a squid for a head, who considers himself the prettiestWilbur threatened Fossil that if he was late, he would tell their mother that Fossil was still alive, and that he didn't die in Vietnam as a war hero
    Ramsay's art consists of sticking shells to things, including his wife MatildaJ[edit]Appears in "Electro".[22] A performer in the band Kraftwork Orange, a band that Vince and Howard joinGuardian UnlimitedDescribed as 'a funky ball of tits from outer space'Played by Peter Kyriacou
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