1. Interview with Tunisian blogger and cyber activist Sofien Belhaj
  2. Angie Nassar: Lebanon and Arab Spring
  3. Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt views graffiti art in Suq al-Juma'a in Libya.

    Residents of Suq al-Juma'a have been beautifying their neighbourhood since the conflict ended. Along the main wall are murals painted by young artists who won a local design competition.

  4. Mr O'Connor on Backing Tunisia's in the Transition Period
  5. Foreign Secretary comments on Tunisia - one year on from Ben Ali's departure

    Speaking ahead of the anniversary of the fall of the Ben Ali regime, Foreign Secretary William Hague gave a statement. 
  6. "Freedom is still flowering in the Arab Spring"

    Marking the first anniversary of the Arab Spring, Foreign Secretary William Hague has written about developments in an article published in The Times on 13 January. 

  7. Alistair Burt on Al Jazeera Channel (Video in Arabic)