Connect a Domain, and Follow the Steps That Major Platforms Have Already Set Up

For $13 a year, WordPress will host a domain name to a WordPress site.


  1. For $13 a year, WordPress will host a domain name to a WordPress site. What does this mean exactly, and why is this such a big deal? Making websites can be a bit time-consuming, and the problem is exaggerated when juggling content in-between multiple sites. WordPress is absurdly intuitive. The hosting is free (essentially) with a connected domain. It basically means that when users type in the domain name, they will be redirected to the WordPress site. Web developers can make an extremely easy site through WordPress and connect it for a very fair price. They can do that with their name (, and use it as an excellent and easy-compiled personal landing site.

    The name website becomes a springboard for resume content, life news updates, personal blogging, and anything else that can contribute to a personal brand. This is not something that should be in the hands of another person with the same name. Job seekers will Google the name of who they are looking to hire. This is an unavoidable fact with modern business. It is up to the person, such as Joe Fantastic, to make sure it is their information that is appearing, and not Joe Fantastic from California.

    There is a divide between personal content and business content, and that can be tough to juggle. The best strategy is to keep them in different places on the site. Also consider which one is more important. Tonally stick to either or without forcing a juggling act between two different brands and sites. has written about reputation management time and time again, and every article has detailed some fantastic advice. Unfortunately, doing it all is unrealistic. it takes a large team and a major operation. The best way to control this content and maintain a reputable name is to keep it all consolidated under one website. As things expand, the content can be spread out in a handful of savvy ways. But, sometimes simpler is better. Big Blue Robot is another fantastic resource for reputation management. Visit some of the better-written Big Blue Robot reviews for credible information about the website.