The Story of Thomas

Left by the roadside and abandoned by everyone there came a Good Samaritan and the humanity of doctors against the view of authorities who would rather the helpless were left to die on the streets - that included the police and amazingly ambulance crew too. See the milk of human kindness flow.


  1. The BackStory

    It starts off with @RMAjayi seeing a man abandoned, lying alongside a gutter, apparently, delirious, weak, and very ill. She makes inquiries and seeks to find help for him - The story more of less tells itself within the Tweets.

    His name was Thomas.

    I have concentrated mainly on @RMAjayi's Twitter narration and then the Tweets posted by a government apparatchik which in my view exhibits power to make things happen (on the good side) and unconcealed bombast that just emanates from those who have that power as they belittle others in what is worthy of obloquy.

    I will be extending this log as I get more information from eye-witnesses and others who tweeted on this matter.