Occupy Cardiff

The #OccupyCardiff protest took place on 11-11-11. Gathering at 2pm by the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street, the protest soon moved to the grounds outside Cardiff Castle, where they set up camp.


  1. This Occupy movement organised on Facebook, Twitter (using the hashtag #OccupyCardiff) and the website occupycardiff.co.nr. Most of this Storify coverage is drawn from tweets made throughout the day, with on-site accounts and factual contributions listed first and other commentary at the end.
  2. Coverage before the day

  3. For many in Wales this winter will be grim, 10,000 people working in the public sector have already lost their jobs this year and another 21,000 job cuts are predicted, and while politicians fiddle expenses on their second homes, it is predicted that 36 people will lose their only home every day from now until Christmas.
  4. Coverage on 11 November 2011

  5. This story from Wales Online's yourCardiff has embedded this Storify aggregation.
  6. BBC story with video:
  7. Some good photography on Demotix:
  8. Photographer Tom Ashmore also has some excellent behind the scenes photographs from the whole day, including preparation work in a derelict pub occupied by squatters.
  9. Video story from Wales Online:
  10. When the Occupy movement came to Cardiff
  11. Tweets from the day