follow the bags

putting together the travels of the followthethings bags...


  1. Designs

    Our reusable shopping bags were designed in Exeter in the summer of 2011 by interns Daisy Livingston and Aidan Waller. We arranged to have our bags made by a manufacturer in China who had made reusable shopping bags for major Uk supermarkets. We wanted ours made to the same specification, with the same materials, so they would be familiar to our shoppers, and would just be 'good bags'. We were given a bag template, upon which to put our design. A resuable shopping bag is made of 5 pieces: 2 handles, a bottom panel, and 2 identical main panels, whose central pane is the long side of the finished bag, and whose end panes are half of their side panels. The photos below show some of our early designs, culminating in the one that we sent to the manufacturer.
  2. a) The journey design
    The left pane is the journey of the trip; the front pane has the logo, an early tagline ('The futures bright, the futures following) and some details from the factory audit (the address has been redacted here); and the right pane points to our website).
  3. b) the ladybirds appear
    Ladybirds appear on the front pane with a new tagline ('another kind of shopping'); the left pane provides a dictionary definition of the double meaning of 'shopping' that this bag embodies; and the right pane contains draft 'shopping' instructions.
  4. ftt bag design (with 'shopping' def.)
    ftt bag design (with 'shopping' def.)
  5. c) the final design
    The paper mockup of the final design, printed out from the template sent to the manufacturer. A simple front panel of logo, tagline and ladybirds.
  6. ftt shopping bag prototype photo 1
    ftt shopping bag prototype photo 1
  7. Two templates joined together to make the bag meant that these left and right panes met like this. This is the first appearance on the bag of our Flickr group, where we hoped our shoppers would upload  bagful photos.
  8. ftt shopping bag end text
    ftt shopping bag end text
  9. The journey begins

    To be finished one day - below you will find the live tweets...
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