Exercise Your Way to Cancer-Free

Medical experts agree exercise is not only safe for most cancer survivors, but it's highly recommended. Oncologists play a crucial role in promoting exercise in their patients during and after treatments. Here's a guide on how to approach exercise, for survivors and their doctors.


  1. Guidelines
  2. Experts advise starting with low-intensity exercise and progressing slowly, letting symptoms guide progress. 
  3. In the guidelines below, the American College of Sports Medicine said physicians should advise against inactivity, even for patients undergoing difficult treatment. 
  4. What the experts say
  5. The article below looks at the findings from this study, which shows how vigorous exercise can alter human genes.
  6. URMC Study: Yoga Improves Sleep, Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors
  7. In this article, Dr. Joseph Sparano discusses how healthy eating and regular exercise can improve the prognosis of women with breast cancer. 
  8. Tools for cancer survivors
  9. In this discussion board, cancer survivors discuss their experiences with self care and exercise. 
  10. From this site, you can download user-friendly brochure to monitor and plan your exercise routine. 
  11. The site below offers a step-by-step approach to getting the exercise you need. 
  12. The site below offers exercise tips for breast cancer survivors after surgery. 
  13. While exercise offers many benefits for survivors, it's important to do it safely. Here are some tips from Dr. Jeremy Geffen, a board-certified oncologist and expert in integrative medicine and oncology. He is also the author of the book The Journey Through Cancer and the audio program The Seven Levels of Healing
  14. LIVESTRONG offers a 12-week small exercise course for adult cancer survivors. The course if offered at 100 locations in 17 states. Check and see if there's one in your neighborhood.