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Bungee Jumping at the Grand Canyon

Ah, the Grand Canyon. A place people from all over the world come to visit. And there truly is a tourist experience there for everyone. If you are an adrenaline junkie the Grand Canyon may just be your dream come true.


  1. Bungee jumping at Spring Fling
    Bungee jumping at Spring Fling
  2. Bungee jumping is certainly not for everyone.  It is an exhilarating and life-threatening event.  Personally, I know numerous friends and family members who would sky dive, but would never step foot next to a cliff and jump off with a simple elastic rope attached to their waistline and ankle.  But thousands of people survive this thrilling event daily with the need to do it again and again.  And what better place to risk your life than the beautiful Grand Canyon right?  It is a story you will be carrying with you for decades while looking back at the "good times".
  3. Going Extreme 2: Navajo Bridge Bungee Jump
  4. Simply watching videos of bungee jumpers can make some people hold their breath.  While for some reason others smile at videos like these as they schedule a trip so they can share the same experience.  And the Grand Canyon is not the wildest place you can take the leap.  For those who want to splurge, for $10,000 you can bungee jump in Pucon, Chile into the active Andean volcano...maybe this is not an experience for first timers.  
  5. Bungee Jumping into an Active Volcano
  6. The site to go bungee jumping at the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. Tourists from all over the world jump from the Navajo Bridge year round. The fall will be a 452-foot plummet.  
  7. Bungee jumping off Navajo Bridge @ Grand Canyon 9/28/2011
  8. You only live once.  Whether you are an avid adventurist or a homebody who wants a challenge consider the rush of jumping from a bridge that is over 400 feet from the ground into airy freedom and bliss.  Why not take a risk? Flights to Grand Canyon are a traditional way to see nature's beautiful masterpiece, but step out of the box and outside of your comfort zone by bungee jumping instead.