Prepare for a Tooth Extraction Through Your Dentist

No one wants to have to consider losing a tooth to extraction, but injuries and damages can occur that cause a tooth to begin to die.


  1. No one wants to have to consider losing a tooth to extraction, but injuries and damages can occur that cause a tooth to begin to die. When a tooth is dying, there is nothing that can be done to save it. The Dentist in Flushing NY must pull the tooth or it will continue to rot and could end up affecting the health of surrounding teeth and the gum tissue. Though a tooth extraction is an invasive procedure, it is nothing to be feared since patients are carefully numbed so they do not feel any pain.

    When a patient comes in for their tooth extraction, the dentist will first shield the patient's surrounding teeth so they do not become damaged during the process of extraction. After the teeth have been shielded, medication will be administered to ensure the patient is fully numb. Novocaine is typically the drug of choice for those who are having invasive work done. Some patients also require laughing gas because it helps them to be able to relax while the procedure is taking place.

    Once the patient is fully numb, the flushing dentist will begin working on removing the tooth. Some teeth are easy to extract simply because they do not have a complicated root. Molars are typically more difficult, especially the wisdom teeth because their roots are larger and longer. Sometimes, these roots can wrap around the jawbone and even become embedded. In these instances, the dentist may need to make some incisions around the tooth so it is easier to remove without causing any damage to surrounding teeth and the jawbone.

    The goal of the extraction is to remove the tooth in the safest manner possible. In some instances, the tooth may need to be removed in pieces. The dentist will make sure all of the fragments have been removed. If incisions were made, these will be closed with stitches that will dissolve over a period of time. If no incisions were made, the dentist will most likely allow the opening to close on its own for better healing.

    It is imperative people carefully follow the directions given to them by the dentist in flushing ny. People should be careful to avoid smoking, drinking from a straw or spitting since these actions can cause a dry socket to occur. By taking full care of the gum tissue, it will heal properly and not begin to cause pain.

    If you are in need of tooth extraction or any other dental services, visit Dentist Flushing. They provide the best in dental services to help protect their patients' smiles.