My Personal #BEA14 Highlight Reel

Photos, tweets, and updates from BEA Week 2014


  1. No book hauls or long lines this year for me--and definitely no BookCon! The highlights of my 2014 trip to Book Expo America were subway rides (seriously!), dinners and drinks, and terrific conversations about books, blogging, and all the other stuff of life with the good friends I only get to see when I make this pilgrimage to New York City (or, in 2016, to Chicago). (Thanks to Swapna for the link to her Flickr album as source for some of these pictures.)
  2. The view from the 15th floor of the Hampton Inn in Chelsea. This turned out to be a good surprisingly location within a block of the 23rd St. subway stop, and a pretty short walk to the BEA shuttle stop at Penn Station. (Or an even shorter subway ride to Penn Station...but we didn't figure that part out until Friday night.) It's not as convenient to the Javits as some other official hotels, but it's much quieter than Times Square!
  3. My roommate Kim and I took the train into the city after meeting up at JFK, and then took the train back out to Queens, where Leslie introduced us to some amazing Chinese food.
  4. The BEA Bloggers Conference continues to have its ups and downs (just Google the reviews), but the panel on Ad Networks that I moderated seemed to be pretty well-received. (It also spurred me to action; The 3 R's Blog is now a LitBreaker publisher.)
  5. Later the same day at BEA Bloggers...
  6. The view of 8th Avenue from the BEA shuttle on Thursday morning. #I<3NY
  7. BEA-goers will gripe about the autograph area, but at least the lines are somewhat organized there--it's the in-booth signings congesting the Expo floor that drive me crazy. Thursday morning, Kim and I beelined it to the signing area for copies of this one.
  8. First book of #BEA14: DARING: MY PASSAGES by Gail Sheehy.
    First book of #BEA14: DARING: MY PASSAGES by Gail Sheehy.
  9. I don't write for Book Riot, but some of my friends do, and it felt like I spent a good chunk of my time BR-adjacent last week.
  10. Via Princeton University Press, my favorite book cover of the week. Guess why?
  11. Princeton University Press meets Benedict Cumberbatch! #bea2014 #ArmchairBEA #Cumberbatch
    Princeton University Press meets Benedict Cumberbatch! #bea2014 #ArmchairBEA #Cumberbatch