The Garlic Poet

Restaurant & bar serving the greater Central PA area. Open 7 Days A Week, 4 PM - 10 PM.


A blog about all things poetry in York County and the surrounding region.

Timothy Tanner

Timothy Tanner is a Channel Sales Team Recruiting and Management Consultant. Also a Social Media Professional.

Mark Walters

Multiplatform journalist w/ @ydrcom. @HofstraU alum. Fmr @Gburg_Times reporter, @HUChronSports staffer, @HofstraPride athlete, intern w/ @JetsInsider.

Emileigh Clare

Former journalist returning to her geek roots as a chemical industry writer.

Peter James

My name is Peter James. I am working in the FL mobile phones industry for over 7 years, from operating an independent high street dealership through to online marketing and article writing.


scott blanchard

Sunday ed. @ York Daily Record into public records & narrative writing. Husband, dad x3; love kids, birds of prey, books, blues & the Red Sox.

Patrick Abdalla

Father to amazing child; husband to wonderful wife; journalist; sports fan; Penn State grad; NEPA native


General assignment features reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Healthy living blogger.

Bethany Fehlinger

In your eyes, I see hope. Hope to keep going, hope I can succeed, hope for my future. The book Eat, Pray, Love describes a soulmate as, "Someone who shows you everything that's holding you back, bringing you to your own attention so you can change your life...They tear down your walls and smack you awake...They come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself." Likes: spring days, the Pa. mountains, hot tea, Daiya, chocolate soy milk, SHOES, writing, Jane Austen, cats, Cream of Wheat, shopping, purses, knee-length skirts and dresses, Bethany Beach, Delaware, sweatpants, Italy, yoga, running, reading, being organic and local, my best friends, QUEEN, farming Verona.Lake Como.Firenze.Venezia.Ivrea. Perugia.Siena.Pisa.Cremona.Parma.Mantova. Pianceza.Perugia.Parigi(Paris).Roma.Veneziax2. Cinque Terre.MILANO (il tempo della mia vita) *I miss Italy; TAKE ME BACK!* "You know, if you are bit by a chained dog, you can't blame the dog. If you put yourself in temptation and you fall you cannot blame anyone but yourself. The devil has been chained, but when you go live in his pen, you are risking eternity." Mother Angelica

Denny Daugherty

IT Professional and Musician

april lee trotter

multiplatform journalist at york daily record/sunday news; graduate student; lover of cardigans, vegetables, chai, big words, cupcakes and all things green.

Kara Eberle

Day metro editor @ydrcom

Matt Eyer

Assistant Features Editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News (@ydrcom).