Flipbooks are the 51st Shade of Grey

In case you have been looking for an easy online reading solution, consider it a dream come true. The flipping book digital publication solutions software has come with a difference.

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  1. #1 PUBHTML5

    The PUBHTML5 is professional flipbook software of a kind. It has the ability to transform your publications to a unique, and gorgeously looking material online. Fair enough, PUBHTML5 has a free version that one can use for a start. This is usually with the new publishers who cannot afford for the priced options. The demo version is as good as the paid version. With various options to choose from, it comes trendy with numerous added advantages.


    It has pre-designed templates
    Easy conversion and uploading of PDF files,
    Independent features, as no additional app is needed for handheld ebooks,
    100% password protected and an additional free storage space in cloud
    PUBHTML5 is attached to Google's Adsense. This makes it easy for one to monetize publications
    Extensively responsive and supportive on frequently asked FAQS

    PUBHTML5 pages are can, however, be little slower while turning
    One cannot zoom for a full-screen view as it does not offer such options
    One must be online for a better view
    PUBHTML5 Paid Version

    PUBHTML5, however also have the paid versions that come with unusual features. With the paid version, there are various accounts with different subscription protocols. A monthly fee of $15.00 will go for a Pro plan, $25.00per year for the Platinum plan, $29.00 Golden plan, and a lifetime option plan that goes for $999.00 respectively. Some of the great futures that come along with paid PUBHTML5 include

    Google Adsense for publication easy monetization
    Full PUBHTML5 features excluding watermark
    An additional branding option, templates, and a customizable interface
    Extra publishing pages, uploads storage space
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  3. #2 Kvisoft Flipbook Makers

    Kvisoft comes in different varieties. There are those that are web-based, and there are those that are not web-based. In case you are thinking to create a flipbook whiles off online, consider software such as theKvisoft Flipbook Makers. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is a professional and PDF to Flash software. With the ability to make HTML5, it is also a world class in creating PDF images, word, and #D flipping books.


    Has the ability to convert the PPT and PDF files to flash/HTML5 flipbooks including Excel.
    Creates a flexible and all-sided flipping books
    Kvisoft Flipbook Makers has customizable toolbars and templates

    Has the ability to publish in the form of video, hence works with both Mac and Windows

    Much slower while loading and flipping
    Does not provide backup options as one should look for other options such as own websites or upload to other cloud storage
    Provides Shorter period for the demo version

  4. 2 Kvisoft Flipbook Makers Paid Version

    Unlike the other flipbook makers, Kvisoft Flipbook Makers is purchased only once. It also comes in two different versions, that is, the windows version and the pro version. The price goes up to $97.00 for the demo and $297.00 for pro edition. Some of its paid version futures include

    Full service offered to all technical problems that may occur.
    Kvisoft Flipbook Makers allows a full-time software utility