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Flexible Vegan

Fast, Easy and Healthy! It can't get easier than this. Hello, everyone! My name is Ivana and I am a flexible vegan. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am from Serbia where I used to work as a teacher. As I was growing up, I had a typical Serbian diet: meat, meat and meat. And then I grew up and became aware of the origin of meat – a living animal. So I became a vegetarian. I was actually never very fond of dairy and with eggs I have had a battle my whole life. I just couldn’t imagine myself eating something that came out of an ass of a chicken. As my mum didn’t know how to cook without meat, I started digging through the pile of vegetarian/vegan recipes and I discovered that I love cooking. So, thanks mum! And then I met my husband and moved to the Netherlands. I simply adore this country and a variety of food that it offers. So I continued my research and at the same time I was enjoying in food and cooking. Since after some time I still didn’t have a job, I’ve decided to start writing down my recipes which eventually has led to this wonderful website! The idea is to show to people that non-meat, non-dairy cooking can be easy and fun. Not to mention the taste! All the recipes on this website contain no meat, no dairy and no eggs. Why flexible vegan then, huh? Simply! First of all because my body is quite flexible. I do yoga and I am doing my best although I am still working on shifting my leg all the way to the back of my neck. I am almost there! LOL! Further I do think that vegan diet is the best one ever. However I also think that any kind of extremism leads to isolation and possible violent behaviour and I just think that the art of food and cooking should not be about it. Agree? As a vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian//herbivore/etc I have my ups and downs. My idea here is to show the eating side of the veganism. So on my website you won’t find any activism that I was/am involved with. I would like to share my recipes with as many people as I can without calling anyone a name: vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian (whatever that is), omnivore, herbivore… Those are sometimes just rude names. I have read somewhere something that made me really think about what am I doing. It goes something like this: we tend to set some strict, unwritten rules to ourselves and stick to them without ever asking ourselves if sometimes is better and more humane to break or update those rules. They say that there is a teacher for every student that is ready to learn. I agree. I am willing to learn but also to teach. Keep it calm and spread the word. And if you try the loving and positive approach, then it doesn’t really matter how people will call you. So this was a little bit about me and the art of the Flexible Vegan. As it is clearly visible, English is not my native language so I apologize for all the mistakes I am making. At the moment I am using three different languages in EVERYDAY conversation: Serbian, English and Dutch. It can be very confusing but I am really doing my best. On the other hand, this also means that you can write to me in 3 different languages: English, Dutch and Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian. I am also in the process of learning one more language so please understand. We are all different and that is the beauty of this world. Imagine a world that would walk, talk, think and cook like me. What a dull little world would it be, wouldn’t it? The beauty is in variety! And that goes for my food too. Stay healthy and happy. And love someone. Love, Ivana