Some tips to treat colic newborns-Venus Factor Scam

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  1. Colic newborn babies of natural things that happen to children, who are less than 6 months, and the child starts feeling pain in the abdomen beginning of the second week of birth.

    Explains Specialist childhood diseases and newborns, more symptoms of the disease prevalent among newborns, indicating that colic children cannot be considered a disease, is as much a show, getting through the John Barban Reviews

    evening, and expresses the child about this offer through bouts of crying may extend for more than 3 hours, and for more than 3 days, and disperse the baby crying due to colic for any other crying of hunger or boredom, bulging baby belly and move it to limbs (legs and arms) gestures express the pain.

    He added that those pains are getting at the end of the second month, and begin disappearing gradually from the middle of the third month of the fourth and fifth, adding that so far there is no specific reason for the injury to the infant colic, though some researchers reckon that the reason that colic is not complete device intestinal tract of a child, and his inability to get rid of gases in the stomach.