Melatonin," the latest cure for amyotrophic sclerosis


  1. A recent scientific study led by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, information about new and exciting on a common medications known and its role in the treatment of amyotrophic sclerosis "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis".
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    The researchers pointed out that access to drug intravenous or muscle impacts fantastic sclerosis patients atrophic, where delays began symptoms and reduce the onset of the disease, and also reduces the rates of death, because the deficiency within the receptors in nerve cells known as the "MT1", a major disruption occurs in the vital functions and stimulates the disease, which highlights the importance for these patients on the drug to get the best results.

    The sclerosis Amyotrophic a serious disease that affects nerve cells the central nervous system and is responsible for controlling the movement of voluntary muscles, and the cause of this disease, which has become
    an advanced and deadly in some cases, the incidence of weak muscles in the body, all because of a defect in nerve cells mentioned above , upper and lower, and the resulting disruption of the process of sending nerve signals to the muscles, and therefore not contraction, and the most prominent symptoms of initial disease, which cannot be ignored: muscle weakness and sudden especially the muscles of hands and feet, and the occurrence of heaviness in the muscle of the tongue and overlapping words of the patient and the lack of clarity and the occurrence of trembling, stiffness and spasms in the muscles.