Domestic air purifier


  1. Are there useful for purifying room air from the effects of cigarette smoke?
    This is a summary message stating that you need to purify the air due to the continuing domestic husband in the habit of smoking inside the house and your eagerness not to hurt your children through the use of this device is able to purify the air from the effects of smoke.
    Who is Kyle Leon?

    In shops selling electrical appliances multiple types specifically for this purpose, but for the purification of cigarette smoke,

    it is relatively difficult, in the sense that there are bodies of functions purify the air, as well as there are air conditioning is characterized by the capabilities of the air intake and replaced, but they often are not prepared to do to remove particles The chemicals contaminated and found in cigarette smoke efficiently unreliable.

    And I've search on the topic did not find the truth of what can be said to your air filter is capable of removing all remnants of contaminants that are found in cigarette smoke, and so the solution is not to smoke inside the house and explaining to your spouse this fact.