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  1. Weather Change is vulnerable previous
    Changes in weather can make the body vulnerable to wind, heat, humidity, drought and cold. Adjustment of diet is recommended
    A disturbance in the elements according to the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine has a negative effect on your mind and emotions.
    Muscles Building Solution

    A property that connected thereto, such as the display of negative energy, occurs when an element is excessive. If for example, the air-air element is disrupted, can anyone feel sad, confused or worried, without any right is a reason for it.

     An air-to-air disturbance can occur when interrupting the sleep rhythm (go to bed late, jet lag) or for long time working with the computer. Fluorescent lighting can also have a disruptive influence.

     Also emotions and negative thoughts can increase a particular element. Emotions such as boredom, greed or obsessive behaviors can increase soil-water element. In anger and jealousy can be an excess of fire element occur.
    Vita constitutive and air-ether element

    An ether-air disturbance likely to occur in someone with predominantly vita because this element is strongly present in this constitution

    Vita, or air-ether type, often has a small stature, low body temperature, rough dry and brittle nails, creaky joints, dry thin skin, dry hair and tiny light-sensitive eyes. He (read: she) is very mobile, in everything he does.