#virtualhype - part 3. Preparing for the Virtual Trade Fair

Stories from the 2013 Virtually Hyperconnected project. A collaboration between North Coast TAFE and Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA).


  1. I left Michelle Websdale and Laurinda Bodeker to it and i went to bed.
  2. Yes Alex,That would be correct. It's amazing how time gets away from you when we are at the VE.
  3. And it didn't end here. Saturday afternoon training was just the start. I noticed student posts around 1:30am (yes AM) on Sunday morning. Enjoying the learning much?

  4. OMG - look at you clever girls with your social quotient a d caring about ROI!!! I love your work and how far you've come in your business - I'll be you'd referee any day! ;) if you need it...
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  8. We are buying Tokens at reception in World
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  10. And from one of our hardworking students:
  11. I'm so excited about monday's class
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  13. Where to from Here? Only 4 days to go before the Big Day. A real need to bring it together with a presentation befitting of the product and our Mentor. It is great to see the terrific work that has gone into the booths and the level of enthusiasm with which all have approached this project.
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  17. The impact of our hyper-connected lives can be explored in this infographic!