Travel Oomph - Key for Great Travel

Introducing Travel Oomph to the Travel Industry. Most countries are seeing an epidemic of worsening health and fitness in the very people who want to travel often. Tour members who are tired, sore, and out-of-shape AREN'T going to make the most of your tour offerings. Introduce them to some simple tips and strategies to increase their Oomph AND enjoyment, and be their hero!


  1. Some random tweets about the rigors of travel:
  2. Introducing the concept of Travel Oomph - one of my guest posts on My Itchy Travel Feet blog for boomers:

  3. Donna Hull, the founder of My Itchy Travel Feet, writes an article about her attempts to increase her Travel Oomph:
  4. What does it mean to increase Travel Oomph? This is a tips article which talks about how to increase Travel Oomph in the weeks before travel (another of my guest blog posts for My Itchy Travel Feet):

  5. Increasing energy and fitness can help those "on the fence" about getting out of their armchair and traveling for real (post on my blog at Fit Travelers Have More Fun).

  6. Fit Travelers DO Have More Fun!

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