Pray For Mexico

The hashtag #PrayForMexico is a popular trend amid twitter users because it is in response to a crisis of historic fashion that has the potential to affect many people all around the world.

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  1. Just recently, a hurricane named Hurricane Patricia struck the Pacific coast of Mexico. It brought with it a big scare of damage and risk of injury or death. The Twitter world responded with many different types of tweets; anywhere from concern for Mexico or getting their negative opinion out there about the situation.
  2. Clearly many people care about the situation in Mexico, but there are some that seem to be mad at people for wanting to #PrayForMexico when some of these same people were just complaining about Mexican immigrants.
  3. There are a number of people on twitter that used this opportunity to talk about the view on politics and immigration.
  4. The article by Jonah Berger, "The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You" tells that things can go viral because of someone's reaction due to emotions. The article says, "Articles that evoked some emotion did better than those that evoked none". I believe it is the same way for Twitter. There are several pictures from twitter that appeal greatly to people's emotions. There are pictures of the actual hurricane and there are pictures of people and animals that allow these tweets to make people feel sorry for the people of Mexico. The tweets that appeal to people's emotions will give the hashtag a larger effect because it will make people care to #PrayForMexico.
  5. Also because many people know the damage that Hurricane Katrina did, they found it easy to compare this hurricane to that one and expect more damages.
  6. The storm was even hyped up by different news stations, such as CNN.
  7. The hashtag even traveled to Instagram, where more people posted about the storm.
  8. From the article by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green about "Spreadable Media" we know that media goes viral when it does something to the audience. The larger affect it has on the audience, the more they are going to want to share it. In this case it brought fear to the world because it was the strongest hurricane ever recorded. This lead twitter users to #PrayForMexico to hopefully make a difference.
  9. These Twitter users do not know what they would do if they were in the situation in Mexico, so their only option would be to #PrayForMexico.
  10. It is crazy what a simple hashtag can do. People on twitter began to believe that their prayers were helping because of the lack of death and damge that Hurrican Patricia was bringing. It is incredible to see so many people come together like they did and all believe in one thing. The people of twitter were amazed at the little amounts of damage and the only reasoning they had for it was their prayers for the people of Mexico.
  11. Twitter users felt that the massive spread of #PrayForMexico brought safety and protection to Mexico during this hurricane.