Stay Safe - Stay Online

Mac attacks, DDOS, botnets, phishing scams. Nigerian 419's, malware, adware, Trojan horses and beware emails bearing gifts - just a small selection of those all important first world problems...


  1. Protection has always been big business and when it comes to computer security we're talking about a multi-billlion-gazillion £$€ industry.  
  2. According to a report circulated in 2006, the yearly cost of malware attacks was close to $13bn. With so much information now being transferred directly across the net, security and prevention from attacks is now more important than ever.  
  3. The Evolution of Anti-Malware Protection
  4. Malware is a continually evolving, that's why companies like Kaspersky have to continually analyse and redesign their malicious software detection tools. Like the guy in the video says - malware was once detected by tracking specific signatures, but as malware evolves tracking signatures is no longer enough.
  5. Malicious software often involves some sort of intrusion followed by a hook, designed to extract money or details from the infected PC. This usually involves the insertion of a piece of malware, which represents itself as a virus or a piece of virus detection software. The user is then prompted to remove this offending article by purchasing a specific programme - it's a classic bait and switch technique.
  6. Most major banks now offer a variety of online banking packages - these types of profiles are often targetted by malicious programmes, such as malware and trojan viruses.
  7. There are a number of ways to ensure your safety whilst shopping or interacting online. Security methods include spedically designed card readers, anti virus protection, email phishing filters and several common-sense steps, such as scanning email attachments and limiting the amount of sensitive data you release online.