Winding down and wrapping up

There is often a big gap of time for eager teams between their final tournament of one season and Global Challenge release (when the Challenge details for the Project and Robot Game) go live. How do you use that time wisely? We sat down with veteran FIRST LEGO League teams Ponytail Posse and The Droids for their best tips to new and experienced teams in our second Twitter chat, "Wrapping up your season and gearing up for the next."


  1. Our community got the word out early and we heard from teams and coaches who hoped to attend.
  2. We started with some introductions and housekeeping.
  3. Our host teams were the first to chime in.
  4. And they had some fans in the audience...
  5. But others soon joined the fun.
  6. The expertise began to flow with tips for ending a season.