Stand Up for Stirchley - Save Fitness First and PSL Bowling

A place to gather discussion around Birmingham Council's U-turn to allow Lidl to knock down a local gym and bowling alley. Contents: 1. Planning links. 2. Petitions. 3. Background. 4. Councillor actions. 5-10. Key issues. 11. Media. Include 'stirchley' in your tweet and we'll add it here.


  1. 1. Planning committee reports and webcast
  2. Final report from the planning officer can be read here: 
  3. 2. Petitions, actions, boycotts
  4. Other actions/protests will be logged here as they are shared on social media.
  5. 3. Background: Supermarkets just love Stirchley
  6. The Coop has been on its current site since 1915, Farmfoods arrived in 2012, Tesco has sat on derelict land for 15 years, Lidl has just been rubber-stamped and now Aldi wants in. Many people are not against a Lidl – just not at the expense of leisure and sports facilities.