My #Mojocon 2016 Conference Curated Resources for Mobile Journalists and Content Creators


  1. 5 years ago I wanted to learn to create multimedia with my mobile. Back then there were not so many places to learn something so new.
  2. I had to fly to London to learn #mojo with @Documentally on a one-on-one day workshop.
  3. Thats´s why I would like to share with you a collection of some of the apps, facts, insights and resources that I, and others, tweeted during Mojocon. Because Pioneering can feel lonely sometimes.
  4. I hope you find it useful.
  5. Please feel free to share it on Twitter of Facebook if you find it useful. I would appreciate if you mention me: @filmatu.
  6. Vídeo and Mobile Live video

  7. People really, really, hate buffering video. More stressful than watching a horror movie.
  8. What does a good Periscope look like?

  9. Structure the story on the fly.
  10. Social issues when broadcasting information