Fast food workers STRIKE for first time in Philly!

On May 15, fast food workers in Philly went on strike for the first time! They walked off the job to demand $15/hr and the right to form a union without retaliation. Workers joined thousands of other strikers all across the country and supporters all around the world! #FastFoodGlobal!


  1. The strike started first thing the morning of May 15, after a night of events and rallies popping off all around the world.  At the Broad and Girard McDonald's, Pastor Larry Patrick kicked things off before workers took the mic.
  2. Then we marched down Broad Street with a huge crowd and many supportive drivers and others passing by.
  3. We had another rally at the next McDonald's, hearing from more workers, elected officials, and other supporters.
  4. What a great, inspiring day!
  5. The following week, Philly McDonald's worker Justin and Pastor Patrick headed out to Chicago to join hundreds of other McDonald's employees at the company's shareholders' meeting.  Workers decided it was time to bring their demands right to McDonald's executives, since they just wouldn't listen otherwise.  They chanted, rallied, and eventually sat down and refused to leave the property until McDonald's heard their calls for $15/hr and a union.
  6. Eventually 101 workers from all across the country were arrested standing up for better job conditions and fair wages.