FIFA players play styles and team structures

Here's just my assessment on some FIFA players i've used. Acutely humans will accept altered opinions due to play styles and accession structures so just yield it as what it opinion.


  1. Here's just my assessment on some FIFA 15 coins players i've used. Acutely humans will accept altered opinions due to play styles and accession structures so just yield it as what it opinion.

    I can do added FIFA players if you ambition me to. Acclimated a few legends and about every top gold except Ronaldo.

    Aguero - Unbelievable. Had him for months now and he's the aboriginal abecedarian i've anytime hit 100 goals with on any FUT and i've played aback 11 ( that maybe due to me consistently arena accompany and on the old versions those goals were not counted on your record). Bland dribbling, acutely got the blow to run off the aback of defenders and accomplish those absurd runs. Works able for players who play a adverse advancing appearance or even players who like to accumulate the brawl and dribble. In actuality he'll plan in any blazon of style, he's that good. His finishing is additional to none and he's the best striker i've acclimated on the game.

    Messi - He's amazing. His dribbling is out of this world. Yes he can be out muscled at times but his dribbling and blow allows him to get amidst defenders and get able them. If he has the space, afresh he's gone ahaha. Absurd shot, dribbling and adequate passing. What added do you want? Able annual the money and calmly one of the best players i've acclimated on the game. Anyone brainwork of accepting him, i'd say 100% get him. Able annual it.
  2. Kroos - Smooth, bland and smooth! His dribbling is brilliant, as is his passing. You can feel the blow advancement about at times he can be over run by players online. But he has the accoutrement to abstain that problem. He's the blazon of abecedarian area you don't accept to blitz your play or dribbling. Just accord him the brawl and boring get accomplished players through bound dribbling. Vastly effective. His set pieces are phenomenal. Accumulated about his agenda suggests he, forth with the added two midfielders are the ultimate CAMs. And he plays like it. A adequate abecedarian to use if you like architecture up your play amid quick passes. If your capital focus is blow up top and just giving it to the strikers at every chance, this abecedarian may not be for you.

    Yaya- Afore i acclimated Kroos, i consistently said him and Effenburg were the best midfielders i've acclimated on the game. He has accumulated to be an amazing midfielder. Abundant passing, ablaze strength, adequate dribbling and can annual some abundant goals with him as well. His arresting ancillary is absurd as able as i've acclimated him as a abandoned DM before. His FKs are brilliant, just like irl. I've apparent humans on the forums say he isn't annual the money. Couldn't disagree more. You accept to pay adequate money for the best players and he isn't that big-ticket and so annual the money. You'll accept to go far to acquisition a bigger midfielder than him tbh.

    Di Maria - I've acclimated him as a avant-garde CAM in a 4222 and a axial CAM in a 4231 (2) and yet he seems to be accomplishing bigger for me at CM. He works so able in this accession as he gives me amplitude which i applause and he links up so able with Messi and Aguero. A bender bogus in heaven for him. His H/H plan ante are a big bureau in why he works able at CM in this accession as well. He's able to bomb up and down the bend allowance in both areas, something which is in fact underrated in a team. I applause his finishing and his dribbling is great. I haven't acclimated SIF Silva, so for me he's the best CAM in the BPL. I played abut Itani (the youtuber right?) and he was appliance TOTY Di Maria at striker with Aguero. Even acceptance his stats accessory out of this world, i still ahead his best position is CAM. His passing, dribbling and acid is accumulated you ambition for a abecedarian aback the striker (s). Addition abecedarian able annual the 115k.

    Lahm - I was so gutted if i begin out he was traveling to be a RB. Consistently planned to use him in a midfield with Kroos. I concluded up abrogation him but endure night i anticipation why not just move him in game? Concluded up affairs my capital accession and aural an hour i was application him. The added amateur i play, the added he gets better. He is so bland on the brawl and his arrest is actually incredible. Yes he's baby so he doesn't win as abounding attack as you'd like but with addition abecedarian next to him, that shouldn't be a problem. And assurance me, he added than makes up for it with his arresting abilities. He got a massive blow advancement which allows him to consistently move out advanced into addition aback positions if a abecedarian is out of position and needs added awning which is absurd and just what you ambition if defending. His plan ante can be annoying but he has the casual and dribbling attributes to accomplish him acknowledged traveling forward. Tbh he is the complete footballer. He's amazing to have. Loving application him and he links up absolutely able with Kroos, Yaya and ADM. I was assured him to be abundant added than 1.1mil tbh. Abundant amount if you put him in the midfield.