FIFA 15 Coins with the Companion APP using guide


  1. Application your new Iphone to accumulate the apple of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team abutting at duke with the FIFA 15 Accompaniment App! In this commodity we will detail the FIFA 15 accompaniment app with authoritative FIFA 15 coins.

    Definition of FIFA 15 Companion APP
    The EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion App, for IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices lets you access your FIFA 15 Friends List to send messages, and stay up to date on your EAS FC News and Alerts. What’s more, with this app you can manage the FUT 15 squads that you have in your PS3, XBox 360, PS4, XBox One or PC.

    The FIFA 15 accompaniment app is altered with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile. The aloft one is like an Web App for adaptable accessories that gives you the adventitious to administer your console’s band in your adaptable device. While the closing one allows you to play the bold itself just with you phone.

    Features of FIFA 15 Companion APP
    Here is the list of the features of the new FIFA 15 Companion App for IOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices:
    1.Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players
    2.Find and bid on players, staff, consumables and items on the FUT 15 Transfer Market
    3.Purchase Packs from the FUT Store
    4.Access your EA Sports Football Club Activity, News and Notifications
    5.Plan your squad with the Concept Squads

    Guide of winning FIFA 15 Coins with the Companion APP

    As it is said above, you cannot make FUT 15 coins directly with this app. But it gives you a chance to purchase players everywhere at any time. That means as long as you want, you can learn the latest market price in FIFA 15, buy players with low price, and sell them in time with a higher price for the sake of FUT 15 coins making.

    Now you can manage your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere with the companion app and win more FIFA 15 coins.