Tweet archive of The Inspired Teachers' Conference in Cape Town held on on 6/08/2014 at the Cape Town Science Centre

The Inspired Teachers' Conference, the brainchild of Dunne and Debby Edelstein has been brought to Cape Town for the first time. The Conference tweets from this very successful event were stored on the hashtag #inspiredED, and this is an archive of those tweets.

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  1. What a wonderful experience we had at the Inspired Teachers Conference in Cape Town yesterday (Wednesday August 6th). This is the first time that Dunne and Debby Edelstein have brought the conference to Cape Town  ( and we’re sure it won’t be the last. The venue at the Cape Town Science Centre was cosy and full. The audience was very responsive and engaged, with questions and answers flying back and forth across the room almost as fast as the tweets. Debby summed up the atmosphere so accurately in her tweet, ‘This is the most ridiculously inspiring community’.

  2. Steve Sherman from Living Maths was the MC and the photographer for the event. 

    The first conversation of the afternoon was about the teacher as facilitator. Arthur Preston, head of Elkanah House Senior Primary Started off the session. He left us with three points.

    1) Three things we can do to inspire others 1) engage with relevant content - bring the world to your classroom through hangouts, Skype and PBL 
    2) Arthur's second point - remodel learning. How do we take the existing paradigm of a teacher and, change it. Use effective collaboration. 
    3) Nothing can replace a teacher in the classroom. Relationship is vital.
  3. Kitty Lamprecht from Tsiba University spoke on ‘Children learn what they live’ and spoke on  listening...really listening. We need to teach a child to listen with understanding.
  4. Dorothea Hendricks from Tsiba Education spoke on Teaching Circles and gave 3 methodologies. 

    Lydia Abel from Ort spoke on social change. 'If instructions are hard to follow use your brain' she urged! Lydia emphasised that if we don't have decent preschools we'll have to use band-aid in Matric. The four levels of professional development for teachers are 'Awareness, Acquisition, Adaption, Application'. Lydia encouraged us to 'Take time to reflect. Set out with an intention. Every act of organizing is an experiment.'