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Calling for transparency from Cedarville University - especially in matters related to identity and vision. See www.fiatlux125.wordpress.com for more.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: CARL RUBY RESIGNS as CVille VP of Student Life

  2. All of the circumstantial evidence (save for the PR statement above) points to a forced resignation. Given Dr. Ruby's remarkable track record of service to the University, students, alumni, faculty, and staff alike are shocked and outraged. Simple searches on Twitter for "Cedarville Ruby" yield a sampling of the reactions to Ruby's untimely "departure":
  3. BREAKING NEWS: CVille Considers Cancelling its Philosophy Major

  4. With Dr. Bill Brown and Dr. Carl Ruby both gone, Cedarville loses its two most prominent voices for a robustly evangelical institution. With the Philosophy major on the chopping block, Cedarville risks losing its credibility as a self-proclaimed liberal arts university. 

    However, none of these decisions have happened in a vacuum. Over the past year, Cedarville University has taken several steps which seem to indicate a shift toward the more conservative/fundamentalist end of its constituency. The main problem is that this shift has never been officially identified or advertised by the University. As an organization, we request transparency from Cedarville Admins and Trustees regarding the University's identity and vision. Who are we? What are we becoming?

  6. Dr. Michael Pahl was hired by Cedarville University prior to the 2011-12 school year. 
  7. The White Papers -

  8. The three white papers below were drafted in September 2011, according to the documents themselves. However, they were not released to the faculty and staff of Cedarville University until early in the Spring 2012 semester. 
  9. The following blog post, by Jack Legg from the Mulberry House in Springfield, OH, has been anachronistically inserted here because it offers a thoughtful critique of the white papers. However, it should be noted that Jack did not write this piece until after the news of Dr. Pahl's dismissal had spread. 
  10. (Also an anachronistic insertion, the following critique of the White Papers was written by Rev. Adam Wirrig, CU Alumnus in November, 2012 - "What's Wrong with the White Papers?")
  11. In April 2012, Grant Miller and Kimberly Prijatel wrote the following article for The Ventriloquist, Cedarville's underground student newspaper. Although the scope of this article is broader than the white papers, it does quote them and discuss what we at Fiat Lux believe to be the underlying issue beneath several recent unfortunate events at the University: Cedarville's "Identity Crisis" - this institution needs to decide whether it is going to be and become a robustly evangelical university, or if it is going to please certain conservative segments of its constituency by returning to its fundamentalist roots. 
  12. Although it took some time, Dr. Tom Cornman, Academic Vice President at Cedarville University, eventually replied to Grant and Kimberly's Ventriloquist piece on his personal blog: