The Interesting DF Groups in FFXIV

I had 2 interesting DF groups yesterday.


  1. 1st one was Trials. Got Titan Hard first. Sweet deal, should be easy. We wipe. Wtf. DPS were standing in landslides and WotL and dropping like crazy. Maybe it was just a bad series of events. 2nd wipe.

    Throughout the entire thing, 1 healer didn't have swiftcast, which the other one was complaining to him about. Ironically though, the healer complaining that the other didn't have swiftcast always did so while lying on the ground dead. But they did also make another good point, which was to stop healing Eos instead of the party. 1 tank was doing well, the other was constantly dead though.

    So now that 2 wipes have happened, one of the DPS decides to ask, "so is anyone new here?". The tank that isn't dropping constantly chimes in. Honestly, never would of thought he was new, he was doing great. We explain things for the next few min to him. He gets disconnected... Someone vote dismisses him. Following that, 2 DPS drop. Ugh. Seriously. It's Titan Hard, not Ex. I think to myself, well, this can be done with a single tank. She's a WAR with barely 8000 hp. My hp as a ninja was 7900.... I look at the tanks gear.... She's level 50 with the ilvl 90 gear. Ok, that's fine for Titan Hard. Her accessories are still a bit low in the 30-40 range, but that's not the biggest deal. So whats the problem here? I look at her weapon. Dear. God. It's level 27 NQ. Wait what? How did you make it here?!

    New DPS join us. One says, "why don't we start? We got 1 tank, that should be fine". I point out that the current tank may be a tad undergeared for the fight and we all have a laugh until a new tank joins. Nothing malicious in the game chat, the WAR acknowledged she was undergeared and said she just simply didn't have the money to get an upgrade (though, why she passed on the one's you get from simply leveling to 50...).

    Next up! Do the leveling roulette as a tank. Get Solm Al. Awesome, should be fine. See the "one or more players are new" notification and I simply ask, "so who's new here?". Before an answer came, the monk goes running up to the first mob by herself... I go run in to save her with my FFXIV Gil. While I'm grabbing hate, the healer wrote, "I think that's our answer". I grab the 1st mob and drag to the 2nd and we burn them.

    After I simply asked her not to pull for me again. Literally, right after, she runs into the next area. This time, the healer and I looked at each other and just "noped". She of course died, but not before dragging the damn mob to us.

    We kill them, she respawns and joins us about halfway through. I reiterate that she needs to stop pulling. She actually lets me grab the next mob before the 1st boss and we get through it. Then the boss comes. Healer at this point threatens to kick her if she pulls again. Guess what happens next. She pulls the boss. Healer puts up vote kick on her.

    We got a BLM after that and everything went real smooth from there.