Some Complicates Things in Final Fantasy XIV


  1. Do you have a beef against complicated matters? If things are simple, rewards and efforts wouldn't be worthwhile. And these matters aren't even hard.

    Melding: As a raider, it is acceptable to rely strictly on gears you get from raids. Therefore, you'll NEVER have to worry about overmelding. (Assuming SE doesn't make that a thing in the future). So you get guaranteed slots, and only have to worry about it doing it once, if you use the right materia. Of course if you decided to use crafted gears (like the Eikon gears) for raiding, that's another matter....

    As crafters and gatherers, we're expected to overmeld every single slots to get the most bang of our abilities, it can be very costly, as we lose the materia and catalyst for every fails. Gigantic pain in the ass, but the reward for it is worthwhile, and very helpful.

    Glamour Grades: How is THAT a complicated matter? Having every crafts at level 50 should be making this easy for you. Hell Heavensward made this even easier, now that every dungeons in 3.0 drops clear glamour prisms. The materials required to make useable prisms aren't even hard to get Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and some can even be purchased by NPC (for example, for weaver glamour prism, you can buy undyed velveteen from Sylvans' vendor)

    Chocobo Racing/Breeding: Strictly optional, so of course it'll be complicated. I haven't even fully figured out the breeding, mainly because I can't be arsed to, but I've tried the racing and it is fun. I found that if you play the cards right and have a good chocobo, you'll be able to take in a LOT of MGP.

    Scrips: If DoW/DoM have tomestones from dungeons, trials, etc, then Crafters/gatherers have scrips, so it's not meant to be easy, especially not the red scrips. However, for crafters, it's just the same as focusing on HQing the item, except you don't need to be 100% Gatherers, however, took me a bit to learn since it required doing various rotations to get the collectibility rating we need to turn in. That is a pain in the ass, but I never expected it to be easy.

    Things get complicated for a reason.

    Be glad this isn't like FFXI, especially in pre-Abyssea days, where the game was a great deal more challenging than ever.