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AIDS 2012: Health Disparities and the U.S. MSM Epidemic

Updates from the International AIDS Conference oral abstract session on health disparities among U.S. men who have sex with men (MSM). The Fenway Institute's Dr. Kenneth Mayer presented findings from the HPTN 061 study involving Black MSM.


  1. Health Disparities and the U.S. MSM HIV Epidemic
    Oral Abstract Session
    23.07.2012, 11:00-12:30

    Darrell Wheeler, United States
    Kevin Fenton, United States

    Trends in HIV prevalence and HIV testing among young MSM: five United States cities, 1994-2008A. 
    Oster, C. Johnson, B. Le, T. Finlayson, A. Balaji, A. Lansky, J. Mermin, L. Valleroy, D. MacKellar, S. Behel, G. Paz-Bailey, YMS and NHBS Study Groups

    Equal behaviors, unequal risks: the role of partner transmission potential in racial HIV disparities among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the USE. 
    Rosenberg, C. Kelley, B. O'Hara, P. Frew, J. Peterson, T. Sanchez, C. del Rio, P. Sullivan

    An evolving concentrated epidemic: comparison of socioeconomic, behavioural and biological factors among newly diagnosed, previously diagnosed and HIV-negative black men who have sex with men in six US cities (HPTN 061)
    K. Mayer, L. Wang, B. Koblin, C. Mao, S. Mannheimer, M. Magnus, C. del Rio, S. Buchbinder, L. Wilton, V. Cummings, C. Watson, S. Griffith, D. Wheeler, HPTN 061 Protocol Team

    Correlates of HIV incidence among black men who have sex with men in 6 U.S. cities (HPTN 061)
    B. Koblin, K. Mayer, S. Eshleman, L. Wang, S. Shoptaw, C. del Rio, S. Buchbinder, M. Magnus, S. Mannheimer, T.-Y. Liu, V. Cummings, E. PiwowarManning, S. Fields, S. Griffith, V. Elharrar, D. Wheeler, HPTN 061 Study Team

    Foreign location of birth and time since immigration are associated with HIV status among Latino MSM in the United States
    A. Oster, K. Russell, R. Wiegand, B. Le, E. Valverde, D. Forrest, M. Cribbin, G. Paz-Bailey, NHBS Study Group

    Racial disparities in antiretroviral therapy use and viral suppression among sexually active HIV-positive men who have sex with men receiving medical care: United States, Medical Monitoring Project, 2009 data collection cycle
    L. Beer, A. Oster, C. Mattson, J. Skarbinski
  2. Kenneth H. Mayer, MD of The Fenway Institute presents on the results of HPTN 061 at the XIX International AIDS Conference.
  3. For more information on HIV Prevention Trials Network study HPTN 061, visit the link below: