The Importance of Getting a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Before buying a home, the structure should be evaluated by a licensed home inspector.

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  1. fenceBefore buying a home, the structure should be evaluated by a licensed home inspector. A home is the most expensive thing most people will ever buy, and many buyers think they can get away with not paying for an inspection. In this brief article is a discussion of the benefits of a thorough, objective home inspection.

    Home Inspection as a Sale Stipulation

    A homeowner may first understand the importance of an inspection when they see it used as a condition of a purchase offer. A provision of such a condition often states that if substantial defects are uncovered, the potential buyer can withdraw their offer, penalty free, within a certain time. After all, a problem that can allow a buyer to back out of a deal must be serious.

    Inclusions in a Home Inspection

    Home inspectors vary in thoroughness, skill and experience, but a competent inspector will examine certain parts of the home and provide a report detailing their findings. The average inspection takes roughly three hours, and the potential homeowner should be present in order to get a firsthand look at the inspector's findings. Problems found are more easily understood if they're seen in person, rather than as part of an inspector's report. The inspector will observe:

    Whether problems are safety issues or major/minor defects

    Which components should be serviced and which should be replaced

    Which items are acceptable, but may require monitoring

    Inspecting the Exterior of the Home

    A home inspector will check the exterior of the home for missing siding, cracked walls and insect damage. Foundations aren't usually visible, and an inspector can only look for secondary evidence such as settling and cracking. An inspector will also test a home's garage door for proper operation, and they will look at the roof for areas of damage or weakness.

    Taking a Look Inside

    The inspector will look at all of the home's showerheads and faucets fence, checking for leaks and a lack of water pressure. They can identify the type of piping used, if any is visible, and they may recommend an additional inspection if pipes look old and worn. Skilled inspectors will also note the placement of the home's water cutoff valve. The home will also be checked for electrical safety issues, to prevent a future shock and fire hazard. A SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION costs money and time, but it is beneficial in the end because it points out small problems which can be handled before they become big ones.