How to Prevent Children from Wearing Braces


  1. For many who are young, entering your teen years includes a lot of changes, one of them being needing braces to fix teeth that are crooked, along with other alignment issues. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. braces are super uncomfortable, make you feel self-conscious, and are very costly, and they can be a deterrent. However, there are ways that you can prevent a child from needing them, even before seeing a Eugene dentist. There are a few preventative measures out there, and this article will go over what they are.
  2. The first, is dental visits. By the age of seven, a child’s’ baby teeth will leave. This means that they either fall out or shift. It’s very important that the child sees the dentist every six months at this stage to check their oral progress as well as changing anything necessary.

    If a child needs alignment for any teeth issues, it should be done as early as possible. If you see it right away, it might not mean you need it right away, since it’s rare for a dentist to put braces on a child this young. This will however, give a dentist a chance to help with alignment issues in the near future. For example, if a dentist sees that there needs to be more room for adult teeth to grow in so that they’re not breaking through when they shouldn’t, a baby tooth might be removed in another vein, leaving baby teeth in might be how adult tooth gaps are prevented. This will allow you to take preventative measures and avoid braces. You should consult your dentist to determine the best action needed.
  3. Another means, which might be the best option depending on your child’s situation and any concerns, is to use the invisalign straightening system. It replaces the metal wires with trays that are transparent. This will push teeth into place over time, getting rid of concerns that might happen with braces. It can also prevent cavities and other such problems that come with braces, allowing a child to do what they need while the teeth are being straightened. This method is still a bit pricy, but it’s worth it in the end if you do choose to get this.
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  5. If your child does need braces, there are ways to make them appealing, and they’re not just ugly metal colors anymore. Talk to your Eugene dentist, and you’ll notice that they might have some cool colors that a child can have that will give them personality. The colors can be changed every visit, and it’ll make them more pleasant. Most children like to get them in their favorite colors, allowing it to be less of a problematic situation, and more of a situation that will help them look better.
  6. There are also lingual braces. They are placed behind teeth, and they’re just like normal braces but they’re not visible. This appliance can be a bit pricier however, so you should make sure that you choose the pathway that is best for your child, and the right road to take for them if you so need to. Essentially, it’s best to figure out the situation that will befit a child, and one that makes the whole stigma of wearing braces a bit more tolerable.
  7. The best thing to do, is that at the prime stages of tooth growth is to go see your dentist. Talk to them, and have them keep you updated on whether or not a child needs braces. Braces are never fun, and often, they’re something that many of us groan in displeasure at. However they don’t’ have to be a totally annoying situation, but instead, they can be something that while it is an annoyance, it’s a necessity that isn’t too terrible for you. ultimately, your teeth will thank you for doing this if you’ve got serious alignment issues, and if you take the right steps to help make the situation easier for you and your kid, you’ll be able to have a much better experience with this, and it’ll make it all the more fun, which is something that is normally a trying situation.